My Brilliant Idea

Stuart David


Meet fifteen-year-old Jack "The Jackdaw" Dawson, a young man with a serious plan. Daydreaming in class one day, Jack gets an idea he knows can't fail: an app that stops you from daydreaming in class. (Ahem...) Fame, glory, and tons of money seem just around the corner. But Jack runs into some trouble, and suddenly this sure thing doesn't seem quite so sure.

Ricocheting from the absurd to the profound in his first book for teens, Stuart David uses his extraordinary intelligence and wit to tell the story of a boy trying to scheme his way out from under the weight of his parents expectations. Readers will root for The Jackdaw from beginning to end.

Image result for Stuart David MY BRILLIANT IDEAAUTHOR INFO: Stuart David is a Scottish musician, songwriter, and writer. He cofounded the band Belle and Sebastian (19962000), in which he played bass guitar, and then went on to front Looper (1998present). He is the author of the novel Nalda Said and the non-fiction work In the All-Night Cafe: A Memoir of Belle and Sebastian's Formative Year.

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